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Thank you for everything! I hope you enjoy.

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Gif psd #2 by emmaduerresDOWNLOAD.
  • TENDS TO BE VERY BRIGHT ON SOME VIDEOS, please feel free to take opacity down if needed.
  • Don’t claim as your own
  • Please like/download if you using
  • Enjoy! And thank you for almost 7.5k followers! ♥
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THEME 007 - Daily Rowling

[Live Preview 1] [Live Preview 2]
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This is a fansite oriented theme, but can also work well for a personal blog, which is why there are two previews (the first one models a fansite, the second models how I used it as my own personal blog).

This theme is very HTML heavy! Basic knowledge of how HTML works would be recommended, but I have created a fairly extensive customization guide in order to help you.


  • Full width header that works with any size image
  • 6 custom navigation links for the header, which can be disabled if you prefer to use an image map for your header navigation
  • Comes with 5 info boxes, which are extremely customizable and you can easily add / remove more
  • Search bar widget
  • Pre-made info box templates for site info, updates, site members, projects, affiliates
  • Responsive to browser width - content will resize to fit browser for smaller screens
  • Option for custom cursor
  • Extensive color customizations
  • Again, please read the customization guide for in-depth explanations of how to edit the HTML!

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Check out my other themes here! Any problems or questions regarding my theme? Feel free to message me!

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psd #1 by zyanjavaddmalik

simple rules:

- please respect my work and do not steal it
- if the gif is very light you might want to adjust some layers so the psd won’t look too bright
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download link: mf

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Template #51 by pstemplates

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  • Please do NOT claim as your own or take credit
  • Specifically 26 images as requested by someone
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Font pack for windows/mac made by holepsds 

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The Killers | Aerosmith | blink-182 | Audioslave | Silverchair | Oasis
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Coloring Tutorial // Difficulty - 1 2 3 4 5

Hello my beautiful babes. ;u; It’s been a while. This has been requested for quite some time, and another one of the admins already made one (you can find it here), but I decided to make one as well to make up for my inactivity. ^^;;

  • Step by step tutorial of the 5 colorings shown above.
  • Basic Photoshop skills needed. Although this is pretty basic in itself.
  • Ridiculously, ridiculously long and image heavy.
  • PSDs provided at the very end.

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• highlights red and blue tones (examples); like/reblog if you use it in any way. don’t redistribute or claim as your own; 

• let me know if you have any problems with downloading;


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teen wolf cast font pack: download (cl)

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Textuers pack #1

contains a total 25 combined and raw textures

11 combined textures are not totally created by me. Credits are in the text file. Hpwever, i did heavy editing and combined some textures to create new ones

14 raw textures that are created by me

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don’t redistribute. on instagram? credit us by tagging @.textuers in the picture.


download it here

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